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Thank you Dad for teaching me that there is a "system" for everything and that you've usually already got it figured out. Many times you have come to my rescue, whether I was out of gas on the side of the highway at 11 pm or if I had a school project due the next day. You are my biggest fan.

Thank you Mum for listening to my hopes and fears and for never giving up on me. You are a giver - of your time, energy and love.  You are more powerful than you know. Also you are the best shopping partner a girl could ask for.

Thank you both for showing me what God's love looks like tangibly and for raising me with an eclectic taste in music (excluding country of course!) Your wisdom and encouragement has meant the world to me.

Hannah, you are my opposite and in some ways you have been like a big sister to me. Your passion for justice is inspiring! Your future is so bright and I'm excited to see what you accomplish. In the meantime I'm happy to call you my best friend. (Now catch up to Mum and I on Gilmore Girls so we can all watch it together!)

I love you guys.

Penner Family | Newborn Lifestyle Session

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Jesse and Tessa are the sweetest parents to their newborn daughter Paige. Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture these beautiful moments. Your family is so lovely.

Also on a side note, if you are expecting a baby soon, and would like to book your own newborn lifestyle session, please contact me. These sessions are some of my favourite to shoot and I consider it an honour to document this sweet time in your life.