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We're Getting Married! | Our Proposal Story

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For my birthday this past November, Ryan gave me a coupon book which included 15-20 thoughtful coupons such as " one slow dance with me to a song of our choice, or "one walk down memory lane together." The last coupon read "one happy lifetime with me as your husband" and below this, it instructed me to put this coupon in my wallet. I did as was instructed and eventually forgot about it until one of our date nights a month later. Ryan had come over to my house and we were going out for dinner and then seeing Star Wars after. As usual though, I was still getting ready by the time he came over. Half jokingly he told me that I needed to get my "happy lifetime" coupon from my wallet and let him keep it until I could be on time when we hung out next. We were both laughing but reluctantly I did give him the coupon which he kept in his pocket. (All night it was a little joke that I would try to "steal" the coupon back while he wasn't looking.) It was an amazing night filled with peace and lots of joy.

A couple days later on January 1st we were driving up to Golden Ears Provincial Park for a photoshoot Ryan's cousin Brendan, his wife Leah and their adorable puppy Scarlett. When we pulled into the parking lot Ryan told me that my Christmas present had finally shipped and that I should open it before the photoshoot. I was slightly suspicious because it was wrapped in a small box but when I saw that it was a leather strap for my camera I dismissed the idea of a proposal that day and started to focus on the photo session. After 20 minutes of shooting, Leah spotted a beautiful hidden spot right on the water with no one around. I honestly felt like I was in Middle Earth! After I had taken a few more photos with Brendan and Leah they offered to snap some photos of Ryan and I because it was such a magical location. Shortly after Ryan pulled out the "happy lifetime" coupon from his pocket and told me I earned it because I had been pretty much on time that day and pointed at the bottom which read "redeemable January 1st 2016." I was so oblivious - I thought Ryan was just being cute and did not even clue in to what was happening until he reached into his pocket again and pulled out a ring box. With shaky hands and tear filled eyes my beloved asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! Everything after that moment is fuzzy but in the video Leah recorded, all I can say is "is this real life?!" (Looking back it reminded me of those videos of disoriented patients waking up after wisdom teeth surgery!) I do remember however telling Brendan and Leah that we should take more photos of them because the session was only half over. Of course that's when Ryan told me that he organized a fake photo session and taken care of all the details along the way. The proposal could not have been a more beautiful surprise and I'm so thankful that Brendan and Leah were there to celebrate with us and take pictures! 

Since we were across the Golden Ears Bridge anyways, we decided to take a quick look at a possible venue and then walked around and started to get used to saying the word fiancé. In the evening, we went for dinner at our favourite restaurant (The Keg) where flowers were waiting.

I am so happy that Ryan planned the perfect day and we are thrilled to start this marriage journey together! A huge thank you to everyone who has congratulated us and wished us well. We truly appreciate your love and we believe community is so important. Thanks again for celebrating with us, we treasure each of you!

Hannah & Ryan | Lynn Canyon Engagement

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I loved hanging out with Hannah and Ryan at their Lynn Canyon Park engagement session! They are such a kind, generous couple with huge hearts and a bright future. After a romantic surprise proposal involving over 200+ candles, they are getting married this May at Swan-E-Set Golf! Hannah and Ryan, thank you so much for trusting me as your wedding photographer; I am truly looking forward to being a part of your first day as husband and wife and celebrating alongside you both.

Our Visit to Aldor Acres

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It's not Autumn unless you visit Aldor Acres farm, snuggle with bunnies and pick out a pumpkin. This year I also witnessed my first (and over hyped) "goat parade" aka putting the goats in their pen at the end of the day... haha. With my program at BCIT ending in a couple weeks I am soaking up anytime where I am not doing homework and a double date with some of my favourite people was just what I needed.