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Last week I was able to go on vacation to Osoyoos with my boyfriend Ryan's family. After working full time for most of the summer it was pure bliss to relax and enjoy time with some of my favourite people! Some of the highlights from our trip include geocaching, kayaking, mini golfing, going to a model train museum, eating way too much food and napping in hammocks. 

The Little Ones Visit

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A few weeks ago my Aunt Angie and Uncle Petey came to visit with their adorable kids Anthea and Ashe. Angie and Petey moved to Nova Scotia when Anthea was a baby and this was our first time seeing them since then. (Sidenote: Angie came into my life when I was around Anthea's age so it was very cool to see how things have come around "full circle.") I don't know if I can wait another 5 years to see these little ones again - a visit to Nova Scotia might be necessary!