Haley Richelle


Julia & Ben | Campbell Valley Engagement

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I've known Julia since our high school days when we spent more time watching Youtube videos in class than doing our marketing homework... haha. We were also roommates on the school photography/art trip to New York and I loved that we got to explore the city together! Julia is beautiful, genuine and has a great sense of humour - I'm happy to call her my friend. 

Ben obviously saw these qualities as well because after a few years of dating, he asked Julia (on the top of a mountain) to be his wife! After meeting Ben at their engagement party I could see that they are truly lovely together. He's very easy going, has a kind heart and is also a skilled craftsman and engineer. (Julia, you picked a good one!) 

This photoshoot was so much fun and I can't wait to shoot their wedding next May and celebrate their new adventure together!

Charity & Dave | McMillan Island Engagement

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Charity and I have known each other for years. We went to the same school, church and even went to the same dance studio for a year. She's a passionate dancer with a generous, loving heart.

I had never met Dave before so I was happy to finally meet the man that Charity had mentioned at our photoshoot last summer. Together, they are a perfect match - joyful, laid-back and very photogenic! 

Thank you for choosing me to take your engagement photos. I had so much fun and loved spending time with you two. Congratulations on your engagement!